• Ohio Conceal and Carry Law
  • January 31, 2004 | Author: Marquita R. Thatcher
  • Law Firm: Keating, Muething & Klekamp PLL - Cincinnati Office
  • The Conceal and Carry Law, enacted on January 8, 2004, permits Ohio residents to obtain licenses to carry concealed handguns, on their persons and in their vehicles, provided they:

    • complete an application form;
    • complete a 12-hour gun safety course;
    • pass a criminal background check;
    • pass a mental competency background check; and
    • are at least 21 years old.

    Licensed carriers are not permitted to carry firearms into:

    • any government building;
    • schools or universities;
    • bars and restaurants with liquor permits;
    • open-air arenas in which liquor is being dispensed;
    • places of worship;
    • day-care centers;
    • aircraft and airport passenger terminals;
    • any place where handguns are prohibited under federal law; or
    • any business or private property that posts a ban on concealed weapons.

    Because licensed carriers are not authorized to carry a handgun on private property on which handguns are prohibited by posted signage, we encourage employers that wish to prohibit employees from bringing handguns onto company property to post warning signs in clearly visible locations.

    Although employers are not liable for injuries allegedly caused by a licensee bringing a handgun onto its property, whether or not it is the employers policy to permit or prohibit handguns on company property, we strongly recommend employers implement a weapons policy.

    Below is a sample weapons policy to be distributed to your existing employees and new hires. A policy should also be included in future versions of your employee handbook and policy manuals.

    Sample Weapons Policy
    The safety of our employees and visitors is of paramount importance. Company policy prohibits anyone, including individuals licensed to carry a concealed handgun, from bringing any firearm or weapon onto company property including its parking lots and designated parking areas (company property also includes, but is not limited to, property owned, leased, or managed by the company and company owned and leased vehicles). Employees are further prohibited from carrying a firearm or weapon while on company business and at company-sponsored events. "Weapons" include any form of gun, illegal knife, club, stun gun, chemical irritant, or similar device. The only exceptions to this policy are law enforcement officers on official business or security guards engaged by the company.

    If you have a question about whether an item is considered a weapon, ask your supervisor or manager.

    Employees violating this policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

    Any employee who has reason to believe an employee or visitor has a weapon in his/her possession should notify a member of management immediately.

    Additionally, signs should be posted at entrances and other clearly visible locations within your organization. Below is sample text for weapons signage:

    "Employees and visitors, including those licensed to carry handguns, are prohibited from bringing any firearm or weapon onto company property (including company parking lots and designated parking areas)."