• FCC Releases Station-Specific Access Information for Online TV Public Inspection Files
  • August 10, 2012
  • Law Firm: Lerman Senter PLLC - Washington Office
  • The FCC has released the information that all full-power and Class A TV stations will need to access the online TV public inspection file filing system.  The non-public portion of the online TV inspection filing system is available at https://stationaccess.fcc.gov.

    Stations can access two sections of the online filing system from that URL:

    “FRN Sign In” - Each FCC licensee entity has already been assigned an FCC Registration Number (FRN) and FRN Password.  Logging in to this component of the filing system provides a licensee with access and information about all of the TV stations licensed to this entity - including the station-specific Facility ID Passcode that is needed to log in to the station-specific public inspection files and upload documents.

    “Facility Sign In” - Logging in to this component of the filing system provides access to the relevant station’s online public inspection file and allows users to upload and revise the documents that are contained in that station’s online public inspection file.  Stations can also insert the required information about the location of their main studio and the contact information to which questions about the public file may be directed.

    As we have previously reported, with certain exceptions, all full-power and Class A TV stations must begin to upload documents to their online public inspection file as of Thursday, August 2, 2012 on a going-forward basis.

    The exceptions to this requirement are:

    (i)    documents that are filed with the FCC and automatically imported by the Commission;

    (ii)  letters/emails from the public, which commercial stations must continue to retain at their main studio; and

    (iii) the contents of the political files for stations that are not affiliated with the four national networks and located in the top-50 markets, which must be retained at the station’s main studio, but do not need to be uploaded until July 1, 2014.

    In addition, stations have until early 2013 to upload the relevant documents that are already located in their public inspection file as of August 2, 2012.

    The FCC has reminded stations that documents must be uploaded in their existing format to the extent feasible.  The Commission’s online system will then convert the documents into searchable .pdf versions available to the public.