• Reminder: February 4 Online TV Public File Compliance Deadline
  • January 30, 2013
  • Law Firm: Lerman Senter PLLC - Washington Office
  • Monday, February 4, 2013 is the deadline by which commercial and noncommercial full power and Class A television stations must complete uploading the historic contents of their public inspection files to the online files hosted by the FCC.

    Stations should also remember the other related requirements adopted by the FCC. Specifically, each full power and Class A TV station must:

    • Include a link to the station’s online FCC-hosted public inspection file from the homepage of the station’s website, if it has a website;

    • Include contact information for a station representative who can assist persons with disabilities with issues related to the public file on its website if the station has a website;

    • Confirm that the station has inserted information regarding its main studio and contact information in the station’s online FCC-hosted public file page;

    • Confirm that the closed captioning contact information contained on the station’s online FCC-hosted public file page is accurate. and

    • Continue to maintain and make available for public inspection a local file of letters and comments received from the public during the prior three years and, for all stations not in the top-50 markets and stations in the top-50 markets which are not affiliated with the ABC, CBS, Fox or NBC networks, a paper copy of the political files for the past two years. These documents do not need to be uploaded to the FCC’s online public inspection files.

    Stations should also confirm that the closed captioning contact information (both for immediate captioning issues and other captioning questions) on the station’s own website, if it has one, is accurate and properly posted.

    The FCC has not adopted rules to require radio stations to post their public files online. Instead, those materials must continue to be maintained in paper form at the station’s main studio.