• North Carolina Traffic Ticket | Getting a Ticket from an Accident
  • March 26, 2012
  • Law Firm: Matheson Law Office PLLC - Raleigh Office
  • They say that everyone is involved in at least one Traffic Accident in their life time. For some who have hired me to serve as their Raleigh Traffic Attorney or Durham Traffic Attorney, that is definitely true. The fact of the matter is, an auto accident is, at a minimum, a frustrating interruption to your day which may cost you some money. In worse case scenario, it can be a tragic interruption to your life which can be life-altering and cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars. As a North Carolina DWI and Traffic Attorney, my roll for those who have been involved in auto accidents is to defend them against North Carolina Traffic Charges brought by the State as a result of this accident. As a Personal Injury Attorney, my roll is to try and obtain monetary compensation for my clients who suffered financial loss and hardship as a result of the accident, as well as sometimes pain and suffering for them and their loved ones. As to the criminal charge, what many do not realize is how small of an accident can lead to charges which ultimately could result in a conviction, which would cause the driver's insurance premium to go up. This article will explain how these charges come about and why it is best to retain the services of a North Carolina Traffic Attorney to assist you with these charges.

    When someone is an accident, even a single vehicle accident, some thing caused the driver to not operate their vehicle within the confines of North Carolina law - at least, that's how the Police Officers' usually see it. You see, whether you accidentally bumped into the back of someone, hydroplaned and hit a guardrail, or went to fast through a curve and went off-road, you are deemed to not be following North Carolina's traffic laws. Common charges associated with these types of accidents include: Following Too Closely, Failure to Maintain Lane Control, Left of Center, Excessive Speed, Careless and Reckless Driving, and Unsafe Movement. These charges carry with them varying degrees of severity when it comes to points against the driver.

    If charged with these types of charges, it is always good to at least speak with a Traffic Attorney about your options. In some instances, a good North Carolina Traffic Attorney can have these charges reduced and/or dismissed through negotiations with the District Attorney. Worse case scenario, the Driver's attorney may go to trial to try and prove the Driver was not, in fact, in violation of the charge for which they were charged.

    If you are facing a North Carolina Traffic Charge, whether due to an accident, or simply were charged with violating some other law in North Carolina like a North Carolina DWI Charge, it is always best to speak with a North Carolina Traffic Lawyer about your case.

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