• North Carolina Traffic Law | Hiring an Attorney
  • April 27, 2012
  • Law Firm: Matheson Law Office PLLC - Raleigh Office
  • The majority of Americans will receive a traffic ticket in their lifetime. As a Raleigh Traffic Attorney and a Durham Traffic Attorney working out of North Carolina, as well as a former Assistant District Attorney, I have seen all kinds of people with traffic tickets and North Carolina DWI Citation. People react differently to receiving a traffic ticket, from being annoyed at the inconvenience, to down right frightened because they don't know what to do and what to expect. Many people will discuss their options with their friends and families. Those that do, likely will hear several different suggestions, which can add to the confusion. This article will offer some reasons why a Defendant should speak with an attorney and possibly hire one.

    First, factors to consider which carry with them consequences. An attorney can best advise you as to what options you have and what is the best one to take to limit and completely avoid consequences. Though it may seem straight forward, handling a traffic ticket can have many different factors that will impact the Defendant. From points (in some locations, two sets of points: Driver's License points and Insurance points) to impact to the Driver's record and/or insurance costs, it all comes into play. A lot of people have an idea of how some of this works, but most do not have a complete understanding of it to ensure the best option is pursued.

    Second, non-consequence factors that come into play. In some locations, a first ticket may not affect the Driver's insurance. Some locations offer a reduction of charges to a violation which doesn't carry with it the same consequences as the original charge. Some locations offer a 'Prayer for Judgment' which can avoid some consequences. Some of these factors can differ between adjoining jurisdictions within the same state. Only a seasoned traffic attorney will know what options are available at what courthouses.

    Lastly, a traffic attorney will have rapport with the local District Attorneys and know how to approach them to achieve the best outcome. Some DA's may offer better deals, or some Judges are harsher then others. Knowing who to go to, go before, and what to ask for can be the difference between serious consequences and little to no consequences.

    Depending on the Traffic Charge, a Driver can face serious consequences that almost always carry with them the possibility of an increase to their insurance cost over several years. This added cost will almost always pale in comparison to the cost a traffic attorney will charge to handle your ticket. Speaking with the Attorney about what they expect to be able to do for you, and ultimately hiring them is always a smart move.

    Disclaimer - Information and advice offered in this article is for informational and educational purposes only and is specific to North Carolina law. The viewing, receipt and/or exchange of information from this article does not constitute an Attorney-Client Relationship. For assistance regarding your particular legal question speak with an Attorney practicing in the field from which your questions derives.