• Wrong Place at the Wrong Time: How you can be charged while someone else is Shoplifting
  • March 28, 2013
  • Law Firm: Matheson Law Office PLLC - Raleigh Office
  • Being charged with North Carolina Shoplifting has similar consequences to charges such as NORTH CAROLINA CONCEALMENT OF GOODS and N.C. MISDEMEANOR LARCENY in retail locations. These cases are usually relatively straightforward. Often times there are instances where the defendants who receive any of these charges have not actually committed the crime; they are accessories to the crime. It is not uncommon for people who are with the person shoplifting to receive identical charges. Through out my career as a RALEIGH CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY, I have handled several cases involving PROPERTY CRIMES NORTH CAROLINA. In such cases it is not uncommon for the wrong person to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have the result be criminal charges. In this article there will be a discussion of some issues that come up in these circumstances.

    The facts surrounding your particular case will determine whether the Police Officer charges you with Shoplifting, Concealment of goods, or Larceny. These charges can also be applicable if you around near or involved with the person stealing and committing the actual crime. In most cases they draw evidence for these charges from security cameras or loss prevention personal that observed the criminal conduct. A major reason for multiple receiving the charge, even if they were not committing the crime, is that often times security cameras pick up people in a group and it is difficult to discern who is doing what. Unfortunately, it can be as simple as conversing with the individual stealing while they are in the act. This is often seen on camera as you aiding or assisting this person in a criminal act.

    If you find yourself in this position it definitely worthwhile to fight the charges. It is the State's job to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a person is involved in the crime, which could mean proving the person is working with the other individual in an effort to steal the goods. This can be quite a challenging for the State in these types of cases. The State also has the burden of bringing in their witnesses. In a case like this the State usually must rely on third party witnesses being that the Police Officer was not there to witness the crime themself. A good attorney will force the State's hand to bring in witnesses for the case to proceed.

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