• Raleigh Traffic Attorney | Accidental Ticketing
  • June 19, 2013
  • Law Firm: Matheson Law Office PLLC - Raleigh Office
  • Car Accidents.  They say that everyone is involved in at least one over the course of their life. As a Raleigh Traffic Attorney, I can honestly say that is honestly true. Besides being a major inconvenience to your day, and in some cases to your wallet, the fact is, an auto accident can escalate very quickly to be a major tragedy and could cost you thousands of dollars.  My job as a bar certified lawyer is to defend my clients from any charges against them after the accidental incident, which resulted from the criminal activity of my defendant. I dive into many personal injury claims for the sole benefit of making sure my client receives the compensatory damages that they are entitled too.  Especially if there is an injury, I make sure that all medical costs associated with my clients’ injuries are covered.  But to shift our attention to the criminal side, what many do not realize is how a small accident can lead to charges that ultimately could result in a conviction. I plan to explain these charges and why it is so crucial to hire a licensed Durham Traffic Attorney to assist you.

    It’s important to understand that with each and every accident the officer that reports on the scene must approach the vehicle, investigate the circumstance, interrogate the driver, and formulate the result from the circumstantial evidence or the direct evidence from any witnesses on scene.  Now depending on the result of the accident depends on the charges that state of North Carolina could hold against you with fines.  These fines could range anywhere from unsafe movement to following too closely.  Regardless of the charge, all of these fines carry with them varying degrees of severity when referring to the point system North Carolina hold’s for its punitive drivers.  That is why it is very important to seek a professional Raleigh Traffic or a Criminal Lawyer  Raleigh to give you the best possible outcome for your case.    The benefit of having discussed your case with an attorney is that he or she can have these charges reduced and/or dismissed through negotiations with the Raleigh District Attorney.  Worse case scenario in any case would be that the attorney would go to trial and argue that the defendant was not in violation of the charge for which the State has brought upon the defendant.

    If you are facing a North Carolina Traffic Law, whether due to an accident, or simply were charged with violating some other law in North Carolina, it is always best to speak with a North Carolina Traffic Lawyer about your case.

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