• Alarming Data Uncovered Indicating the ELPD Datamaster Experienced Extensive Problems
  • June 1, 2012
  • Law Firm: The Nichols Law Firm PLLC - East Lansing Office
  • The Nichols Law Firm has uncovered alarming data which indicates that in April the
    East Lansing Police Department experienced extensive problems with their evidentiary breathalyzer instruments (Datamaster or DMT). The data shows that instruments were replaced 4 times for various reasons and one instrument in particular has experienced multiple problems. 

    The Nichols Law Firm obtained the information via the Freedom of Information Act and it contained all of the Datamaster calibration records for the month of April. Starting on April 10, instrument number 108009 replaced 940088, which was noted as “out of service.” The newly placed instrument, 108009, was then taken out of service and replaced with instrument 106809 on either April 20 or 21. Instrument 108009 was supposedly fixed and replaced 106809 for an unknown reason on April 28.    On May 3rd instrument 108009 again experienced problems and was again taken out of service. It is unclear at this point if the unreliable instrument 108009 is still in use.

    The analysis provided by the Nichols Law Firm illustrates the importance of obtaining ALL of the information in any alcohol offense. If someone has been charged with an alcohol
    offense they should understand the possible reliability issues associated with the Datamaster instruments and how the unreliability can be shown via the calibration logs.