• New Electronics Recycling Law Takes Effect
  • February 5, 2013 | Author: Paul J. Bruder
  • Law Firm: Rhoads & Sinon LLP - Harrisburg Office
  • As of January 24, 2013 consumers and businesses can no longer (legally) throw away their electronic devices with their trash.

    The Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA) of 2010 requires that consumers and businesses recycle covered devices, such as computers, laptops, computer monitors, televisions and tablets rather than place them curbside with their regular waste.  Trash haulers will no longer take such devices unless the municipality has a curbside electronics collection program for these items.

    Under CDRA, the covered devices and their components must be properly recycled and may not be taken to, or accepted by, landfills or other solid waste disposal facilities for disposal.  The law also requires that manufacturers of the covered devices provide for the collection, transportation and recycling of these devices by establishing one-day events, permanent collection programs or mail-back programs for consumers, offered to consumers at no cost. Manufacturers must work with an electronics recycler that is properly permitted and certified to handle and process electronic waste.

    Manufacturers must register their covered device brands with DEP and attach brand labels to those devices. Additionally, retailers who sell covered devices may only sell devices with a manufacturer’s brand that is registered with DEP.  Consumers can also recycle their electronics through a county or municipal electronic recycling program, if one is available.