• Biogenesis Leader Bosch Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison
  • March 16, 2015
  • Law Firm: Goldberg Segalla LLP - Buffalo Office
  • On Tuesday, February 17, steroid supplying, faux-doctor Anthony Bosch was sentenced to four years in federal prison for running an illegal medical clinic and providing illicit substances to MLB players and high school athletes.

    Bosch’s phony medical clinic, Biogenesis of America, is responsible for supplying steroids to 14 MLB players including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, who were penalized by the league for their use of performance enhancing drugs. Showing tears and remorse in court, District Judge Darrin Gayles was not lenient, expressing contempt for Bosch’s involvement with high school athletes. Bosch will serve four years in federal prison, followed by three years of post-release supervision.

    One of many defendants in the case, Bosch pleaded guilty last October to conspiracy to distribute testosterone. The two remaining defendants, Rodriguez’s cousin Yuri Sucart and former University of Miami pitching coach Lazaro Collazo, are still scheduled for trial in April.