• Environmental Compliance: Tip of the Month
  • May 11, 2011 | Author: Heather L. Parent
  • Law Firm: Eaton Peabody - Bangor Office
  • Your business can take a series of small routine steps to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Environmental enforcement actions are often costly, time consuming, and take your focus away from running a productive business. By taking just 15-30 minutes per month to complete each step, your business can identify and correct environmental issues before they become enforcement cases.

    Tip of the Month: Spring Clean Up and Inspection

    Conduct a visual inspection of the "outdoor" areas of your property. Walk the grounds. Look for litter, oil or gas spills, blocked drainage ditches, excessive staining or leaks on parking lots, etc.

    After the walk-through, take action to correct any issues that are observed. Commend employees who exhibited exemplary habits regarding environmental compliance during your inspection.