• Wyoming Moves to Update Its Sage-Grouse Core Areas
  • April 15, 2015
  • Law Firm: Holland Hart LLP - Denver Office
  • Wyoming is taking steps to update and strengthen its highly acclaimed and emulated sage-grouse core area strategy ahead of schedule. In February, Governor Mead’s Sage-Grouse Implementation Team (SGIT) created two sub-teams—one to recommend the current extent of core area habitat and the second to recommend changes to the regulatory restrictions for activities in core habitat.

    In late February and early March, local sage-grouse working groups convened public meetings across the state to gather information and submit recommendations to the SGIT for core area boundary changes. Local working group and publically proposed changes can be found https://wgfd.wyo.gov/web2011/wildlife-1002539.aspx. Some recommendations would remove marginal habitat from core and others would add core or connectivity areas where new information shows sage-grouse use.

    The SGIT has scheduled a series of April meetings in Pinedale, Land, Buffalo, and Casper to consider public comment and deliberate on the proposals. The Governor has requested final recommendations from the SGIT by May 31 and will make the final determination on any core boundary changes. While core area boundary revisions are expected, significant revisions to the policies and restrictions in core are not anticipated.