• For Successful Family Law Negotiation, Honesty is Key for Florida Couples
  • March 17, 2015
  • Law Firm: Daniel M. Copeland Attorney at Law P.A. - Jacksonville Office
  • Florida couples who do not wish to end up in a court battle during their divorce may try a new way to get a divorce—a collaborative divorce. Family law negotiators can work with the couple to give them more options than a traditional divorce. To make the collaborative process a success, though, a couple has to leave their differences behind and work with each other in discussions that require each party to be transparent and open about their concerns.
    In a collaborative divorce, the couple makes decisions as a team as opposed to leaving decisions to a judge’s discretion. To do this, each party must trust the other enough to allow him or her to help make decisions about financial matters so that the couple may divide their assets in an equitable manner.
    If the couple has children, counselors can be called in during a collaborative divorce to help them work through their emotions to become well-adjusted to their new family situation. The parents can help immensely if they assure the children that their marital differences are not their fault. The children need to feel confident in the continuing love of both parents.

    As the negotiations progress during the collaborative divorce process, the couple must deal with many issues. Florida couples are fortunate to have a team of experts during family law negotiation that can help them create an agreement that is the best solution for their unique family situation. In addition to attorneys, financial advisers, counselors, and financial planners can come together in a collaborative divorce team that can help both parties feel secure in the decisions that they make. As opposed to an adversarial process, with collaborative law, both parties may be able to walk away feeling good about their divorce.