• Divorcing Over-50 Florida Couples may Find Help in a Divorce Mediator
  • March 23, 2015
  • Law Firm: Daniel M. Copeland Attorney at Law P.A. - Jacksonville Office
  • It may come as a startling statistic to married couples in Florida, but during the last 20 years, the number of divorces with at least one partner over 50 has increased nearly twofold. Furthermore, divorces which involve marriages that have lasted 30 or more years have grown more rapidly than any other divorce demographic.
    Shocking as this may be, such couples who resort to litigation, as opposed to mediation, could cause a family upheaval that could cause shock waves for generations to come. Couples who choose divorce mediation, however, can demonstrate their maturity to their children so that they may learn the art of disagreeing agreeably, a difficult skill to acquire at any age.
    Relationship gurus point to three main reasons why couples divorce in their golden years. First, since their children have grown, couples who have had issues beforehand haven’t the excuse of staying married “for the children’s sake.” Furthermore, their interest paths may have diverged during the childrearing years, but only have come to light in the atmosphere of an empty nest.
    The second reason seniors seek divorce is the rise of women’s independence. Because many women have joined the workforce full time, they have no need for their husband’s financial support. If his emotional support has gone AWOL as well, many older women will seek a divorce, especially when they see the possibility for emotional fulfilment elsewhere.
    Seeking that emotional fulfilment elsewhere before the marriage officially comes to a close is the third reason that Florida couples split. According to statistics, cheating accounts for a little over one-fourth of over-50 divorces, which is nearly identical to the percentage among marriages with more youthful partners.
    Without dependent children, older couples who divorce often focus upon a fair division of the couple’s property. A divorce mediation service may provide neutral ground in which the couple can reach an equitable settlement without the emotional or financial cost of litigation. When couples meet with a mediator, they often find that they not only achieve a fair settlement, but also, through the process of working as a team with a divorce mediator, they discover that they can have a better relationship even after the ink is dry on the divorce papers.