• Florida’s Latest Alimony Bill Fails to Pass
  • July 2, 2015 | Author: Theodore J. Rechel
  • Law Firm: Rechel & Associates, P.A. - Tampa Office
  • The latest alimony bill that was introduced to the Florida legislature in March, Senate Bill 1248, failed to pass before the current session’s end. The bill passed the Florida House, but the state’s senate refused to accept the version passed by the House. Before further action could be taken, the Florida House adjourned several days before the legislative session’s official end. Therefore, the bill failed. It may be taken up again by the legislature in the next session.

    Alimony, however, was not the sticking point. The version proposed by the state’s senate had a provision which stipulated a presumption of equal timesharing for divorcing parents. The version proposed by the Florida House did not contain the 50/50 timesharing provision.

    When the fall legislative session starts, the bill may be brought back for consideration by the Senate and the House. The bill’s supporters say that they will indeed try to refile the bill after the next session starts in September. This time, Florida’s alimony reform bill has a chance to pass.