• Senate Update - Continuing Resolution
  • December 28, 2010 | Author: B. Jeffrey Brooks
  • Law Firm: Adams and Reese LLP - Washington Office
  • Working through the weekend, the Senate revealed on Sunday a short-term continuing resolution (CR), HR 3082, which would keep the government operating at FY 2010 levels until March 4, 2010.  The current CR approved on Friday (H J Res105) expires tomorrow.  The short-term CR proposal comes after majority support for both the House year long CR proposal and the Senate Omnibus proposal failed.

    At a cost of approximately $1.16 billion more than the FY 2010 level, several new provisions and provisions from the long-term CR House version are included in the Senate proposal:

    • Two year pay freeze for Federal Employees beginning in 2011
    • Guarantees maximum Pell Grant funding remains at FY10 level
    • Veterans Affairs Benefits Administration funded increased by $460 million
    • $4.3 billion continued funding of reduced fees for Small Business loan fee program
    • Interior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management $23 million for increased Gulf of Mexico oil rigs (fully offset)
    • Reduction of $7 billion to $964 million for Census Program funding

    Attached for further viewing is the Senate Appropriations Committee full Summary of the continuing resolution through March 4, 2010.

    The Senate is scheduled to vote on the proposal Tuesday; the House returns Tuesday to handle legislation the Senate produces.