• Government Announces 2012 Work Permit Quota and Exemptions, New Document Requirements for Some Dependents
  • February 13, 2012
  • Law Firm: Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen Loewy LLP - New York Office
  • The Russian government has announced that the overall work permit quota for 2012 is 1,745,584 - roughly the same number of work permits as in 2011. With the release of this year’s quota numbers, employers can begin to submit their work permit and invitation letter applications for the year.

    How the Quota Is Allocated

    The overall quota of 1,745,584 is distributed among the various regions of the Russian Federation. Russian authorities further allocate quota numbers to employers based on their applications of projected need for foreign workers. Regional and employer-specific 2012 quota allotments are available on the Russian Federal Labor Service’s website.

    Employers who have not submitted quota allocation applications for 2012 or whose applications were not accepted may now submit applications for quota amendments to the Labor Exchange Center.

    Quota-Exempt Occupations

    In conjunction with the announcement of this year’s quota, the Russian government has also released the list of occupations that are quota-exempt. Foreign nationals sponsored for new or renewed work authorization for any of the positions listed below do not require a 2012 quota number. However, even though these occupations are exempt from the quota, employers are still required to give priority to Russian applicants for any of the listed positions.

    1. Chairman of the Board
    2. Deputy Chairman of the Board
    3. Director (head) of a branch office
    4. Director (head, executive) of an enterprise
    5. Director (head, representative) of a directorship
    6. Director of a factory
    7. Director of a firm
    8. Director of a joint enterprise
    9. Director of a joint stock company
    10. Director of a plant
    11. Director of economic affairs
    12. Director of a department
    13. General director of a joint enterprise
    14. General director of a joint stock company
    15. General director of a production facility
    16. General director of an enterprise
    17. General director of an inter-industry scientific venture
    18. General director of general directorship
    19. Head of the representative office
    20. President of a consortium (e.g., consolidated group, corporation) (socio-economic organization)
    21. Chief engineer (industrial)
    22. Senior principal engineer of a project
    23. Design engineer
    24. Engineer for an automatic process control system
    25. Engineer for a production control system
    26. Engineer for production management and control
    27. Engineer for realization of new technology
    28. Engineer of automation and mechanization of production procedures
    29. Engineer-welder
    30. Quality engineer
    31. Setting and testing engineer
    32. Setting and testing technician
    33. Sound engineer
    34. Electrical engineer
    35. Industrial engineer
    36. IT security engineer
    37. Pre-production engineer
    38. Drilling technician
    39. Technician
    40. Ringmaster
    41. Circus performer

    When applying for quota allotments, employers should not include quota-exempt occupations in their estimate of projected need for foreign workers.

    Apostilles Required for Dependents of Highly Skilled Specialists

    In a separate development, dependents of foreign nationals working in the highly skilled specialist program must now include birth and marriage certificates bearing an apostille when they apply for a visa invitation letter.