• House Passes Two Appropriations Bills: Obama Threatens To Veto
  • June 11, 2013
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  • This week, the House of Representatives passed the annual appropriations bills for Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security. The Veterans Affairs bill passed 421 to 4 and the Homeland Security bill passed the House by a vote of 245 to 182.

    Despite the wide margins, the White House said that while the bills passed are close to what the president wants, his advisers recommend a veto unless there is a broad deal on government spending that replaces $109 billion in automatic sequestration cuts slated for next year.

    The House is proceeding on the assumption the sequestration will remain in effect. Using a topline of $967 billion, the bills would increase military spending compared to the sequester but dramatically cut other areas. The labor, health and education bills are to be slashed by 18 percent below the sequester. The Senate, on the other hand, is proceeding on the assumption the sequester cuts are turned off, and is using a $1.058 trillion topline figure.