• Trump Administration Issues Temporary Regulatory Freeze
  • March 6, 2017 | Author: Raymond Perez
  • Law Firm: Jackson Lewis P.C. - Atlanta Office
  • Shortly after President Donald Trump was inaugurated into office, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus instructed federal agencies to temporarily freeze any pending regulations, a standard practice for incoming presidential administrations as they define their policy strategies.

    The directive includes pending regulatory plans initiated during the Obama Administration.

    Priebus instructed federal agencies to postpone sending new regulations to the Office of Management and Budget and to delay for at least 60 days all regulations that have been published, but have not yet been put in place.

    He also told agencies, “Where appropriate and as permitted by applicable law, you should consider proposing for notice and comment a rule to delay the effective date for regulations beyond that 60-day period.”

    Priebus added, “In cases where the effective date has been delayed in order to review questions of fact, law, or policy, you should consider potentially proposing further notice-and-comment rulemaking.”

    The directive excludes regulations that affect “critical health, safety, financial, or national security matters,” or other reasons.