• Obama to Wait On Attorney General Nominee
  • October 23, 2014
  • Law Firm: McDonald Hopkins LLC - Cleveland Office
  • This week, sources in the White House confirmed that President Obama will wait until after the November mid-term elections to announce his choice to succeed Eric Holder as Attorney General.

    Republicans have told the White House that nominating a new Attorney General during the lame duck would be unacceptable, but in reality there is little they can do to stop it.

    Because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) triggered the so-called "nuclear option" earlier this session, there will be no possibility of a GOP filibuster of Obama's pick. And all it will take to confirm his choice will be a simple majority vote. Given that Democrats, at least for the rest of the year, have 55 seats, the onus will be on the White House, Reid, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy to hold their caucus together rather than court Republicans. And that will become much easier without the threat of an election looming.

    It is believed that former White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler has emerged as the leading candidate to replace Holder, though indications are that President Obama hasn’t settled on one candidate yet.

    If nominated, Ruemmler would likely encounter tough questioning during her confirmation hearings about advice she gave President Obama during her time in the White House.

    Other candidates being considered by the White House are believed to include U.S. Solicitor General Don Verrilli, Labor Secretary Tom Perez, and Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.