• Law Commission Consultation on Charity Law - Issues Relevant to Legacies
  • May 12, 2015
  • Law Firm: Withers Bergman LLP - New Haven Office
  • On 20 March 2015 the Law Commission published a consultation paper on technical issues in charity law. The consultation is wide-ranging and the Law Commission's proposals 'are designed to remove inefficiencies and unnecessary complexity in the current law'.

    Of particular relevance to legacy income are the disposal of charity land, ex gratia payments, the application of property cy-près, gifts made by will to charities that have merged, and permanent endowment.

    The detailed Consultation Paper sets out provisional proposals for reform on a wide range of issues. The consultation closes on 3 July 2015. Click here - http://lawcommission.justice.gov.uk/consultations/charity-law-technical.htm for the full text of the Consultation Paper.