• Florida Governor Rick Scott's Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding's Spotlight Transparency Tour Heads to Miami
  • August 5, 2015
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    • Hospitals, Health Insurers Asked to Certify by August 1st That Their Contractual Arrangements Are Below 120 Percent of the Medicaid Fee Schedule as Required by Law
    • Florida Office of Insurance Regulation To Present On Health Insurance Rate and Solvency Regulation
    Florida Governor Rick Scott's Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding will make the third stop on its "Spotlight Transparency Tour" from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Miami-Dade College Medical Campus (950 NW 20th Street, Room 1175; Miami, FL 33127) tomorrow, July 23, 2015.

    Created by Governor Scott in the wake of the Florida Legislature's 2015 Medicaid expansion impasse, the Commission is tasked with exploring the finances of publicly-funded hospitals and evaluating surrounding healthcare quality and patient outcomes.

    The following attendees will present at tomorrow's meeting:
    • Mr. Carlos Migoya, President and CEO; Jackson Health System
    • Mr. Steven Sonenreich, President and CEO; Mt. Sinai Medical Center - Miami Beach
    • Mr. Eric Johnson, Director of Life and Health Product Review; Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
    • Mr. David Pollack, President; Molina Healthcare of Florida, Inc.
    Also on the agenda:

    Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Liz Dudek will discuss a letter she sent to insurance companies last week on Medicaid Managed Care rates and her concerns that hospital contractual arrangements may have ballooned to rates higher than what is required by Florida law. Secretary Dudek is asking hospitals and insurance companies to certify by August 1st to the Commission that their contractual arrangements are below 120 percent of the Medicaid fee schedule as required by law.

    Mr. Migoya and Mr. Sonenreich have been asked to give an overview of their current operations, efforts to maximize operational efficiencies and methods for assessing the quality of care at their facilities. They have also been asked to explain how their hospitals use government funding, such as the Low Income Pool.

    Representatives from Molina Healthcare, a provider of Medicare and Medicaid health plans, and the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation will make presentations on existing consumer protections, health plan transparency and current provisions to ensure the quality of provider networks.

    A live Webcast of this meeting will be available at www.TheFloridaChannel.org. Additional information on the Commission is online at www.HealthAndHospitalCommission.com.
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