• Market Driven Health Care in 2057: The Movie
  • April 20, 2010
  • Law Firm: Holland & Hart LLP - Denver Office
  • How about a popular movie on market based health care reform?  There is actually one out there although it hasn’t yet penetrated the cloud over the current health care debate, and surprisingly didn’t score well in the box office count over the weekend.  On the first day after the House passage of the Obama Administration’e Health Care Reform Bill as approved by the Senate and following passage by the house of a bill to amend it, it might be interesting to review a future that is at least equally as bleak as the “Tea Party”  people and their surrogates have been painting the likely affects of health care reform.  The movie presents a society in which high pressure sales people use guilt, guile and outright fraud to coerce people to purchase very very expensive electronic organ replacement devices such as hearts, kidneys. livers, eyes, knees,, etc. (called “artiforgs” ) The artiforgs can provide an electronic read out to various patrolling repossession gleaners, the status of their credit accounts.

    The movie aptly entitled Repo Men, starring Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker as the eponymous duo deals mostly with the ghastly repossession side of the health care business when the debtors are unable to pay as they all eventually are.  The process involves the stunning of the owner with a stun dart gun, the graphic sand crude slicing of the skin and the removal of the organ much the way you can imagine the Aztecs removed hearts of sacrificial victims back in the day. Not a pretty picture or for the faint of heart. The movie does contain one of the more twisted love scenes of all time when Jude Law and Alice Brega seem to be making love while ripping out each others electronic organs in order to cancel their debt obligations with some kind of scanning device device.

    There is a lot here for those who wish to provide an alternative possible  view of the health care future should the cost of market based healthcare continue to climb, to parallel the hysterical vision painted by the opponents of the expansion of health care coverage.

    "We are confident this will have a powerful impact on Catholic and Evangelical voters this November. After the defeat of the Alamo, a powerful cry was heard across the nation which has inspired Americans for generations. That cry was, 'Remember the Alamo!'-Christian Defense Coalition.

    On the other hand, for those of the other persuasion who have already seen The Alamo, who might enjoy the satisfying slashes and organ ripping comeuppance jocularly delivered to those free loading patients who fail to honor their debt obligations, the film may offer sweet escape from the rejoicing Democrats. The welching owners of the artiforgs are obviously the Democrats.