• Experience Matters in Post Operative Care
  • February 28, 2013
  • Law Firm: Ross Feller Casey LLP - Philadelphia Office
  • When you or someone you love heads into surgery, one of the most important factors to consider is the experience of the doctor and the medical team. Experience can help limit negligence and errors after surgery, errors which can lead to catastrophic injury or even death. Because of this, do not feel bad about asking what experience your medical team has and insisting on the best care from seasoned professionals.

    Learn Your Surgeon's Experience

    Before you agree to surgery, ask about your surgeon's experience. An experienced surgeon not only helps limit the risks during surgery, but also in the post operative time. If your surgeon has general experience, it may not be sufficient to protect you. Look for a doctor with not only general experience, but also experience performing the specific surgery you are having. If he lacks that experience, insist that he has the right help during the procedure.

    Considerations with a New Doctor

    Sometimes, the best care in your area may come at the hands of a new doctor. When this is the case, look for a facility that pairs new doctors with seasoned physicians for a better overall outcome. For example, you may choose to have surgery at a teaching hospital where a resident and a seasoned doctor perform the procedure together. This can give you the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes combined with the experience and insight of a seasoned surgeon. This may help eliminate some post-operative errors.

    Ask About the Experience of Other Medical Professionals

    Your doctor is not the only professional you need to find with experience in the field. You also want to ask about the experience of the following individuals:

    • The anesthesiologist
    • The post-operative care nurses
    • The assisting physicians

    Again, ask not just about overall experience, but about experience with the procedure you are having done.

    Never feel guilty about asking for an experienced medical team. It is your health on the operating table, and you want to be sure that you are safe not only in surgery, but also after it. Yet, even the most seasoned doctors can make mistakes, and when those mistakes happened after surgery, the results can be life-altering. All patients have the right to quality care both before and after surgery. If you suspect your doctor's lack of experience led to a serious injury after surgery, you may be due compensation, so take the time to learn your rights as it relates to post-operative care.