• Xarelto Lawsuit Filed in West Virginia Against Drug’s Makers
  • April 22, 2015
  • Law Firm: Waters Kraus LLP - Dallas Office
  • A West Virginia man is suing Janssen Research & Development and Bayer Corporation, along with several of their affiliates, for misrepresenting the risks associated with Xarelto. Jermaine Tavon McMillan’s lawsuit was filed in federal court in West Virginia in February.

    Xarelto Defendants Chose Not to Test the Drug Adequately or Warn Sufficiently of Its Dangers

    The Xarelto lawsuit reportedly alleges that the drug’s makers represented to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the healthcare community and the general public that Xarelto had been properly tested and determined to be safe and effective for the anticoagulant’s intended use — treating and preventing against life-threatening blood clots.

    In reality, however, Defendants in the lawsuit allegedly were negligent or wanton in failing to conduct sufficient testing on humans in clinical trials involving Xarelto. The drug’s makers allegedly chose to conceal Xarelto’s defects.

    As a result of the defendants’ wrongful conduct, the West Virginia man suffered the same injuries that many throughout the country have endured — life-threatening bleeding in addition to other physical and emotional difficulties and economic losses.