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Health Insurance in Vancouver, BC

When we purchase health insurance, we do so with the expectation that the insurance company will abide by the policy, promptly pay our claims and provide coverage for treatments we might not otherwise be able to afford. But when a medical insurer violates our trust--denying valid claims or refusing to cover certain medicines and procedures--it can cause serious financial hardships and may even be a matter of life and death. Health insurance attorneys work as consumer advocates, reviewing insurance policies and collecting the evidence necessary to appeal denied claims. Insurers are supposed to act in good faith when reviewing and paying claims, so these attorneys are sometimes known as "bad faith" insurance lawyers because they fight the insurance company's malicious and unfair actions. If your health insurance company has unfairly denied a claim, accused you of fraud, refused to cover an essential or lifesaving treatment, or violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), talk to a heath care insurance lawyer today.