• Visa-Exempt Nationals Must Apply for Short-Term Work Authorization Before Traveling
  • April 17, 2012
  • Law Firm: Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen Loewy LLP - New York Office
  • Visa-exempt nationals can no longer apply on arrival for the short-term work authorization known as a Section 11(2) permit. They must now apply to the Head Office of the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria prior to travel to South Africa. Section 11(2) permits can no longer be extended. As previously reported, the permit is available only once per foreign national.

    The Department of Home Affairs recommends submitting applications at least ten days prior to the foreign national’s arrival date, but because processing delays are likely, earlier submission is encouraged. If the application is approved, the Department will transmit its approval to the appropriate port of entry in anticipation of the visa-exempt national’s arrival.

    Visa nationals are still required to apply for Section 11(2) permits at a South African consular post.

    Section 11(2) permits allow foreign nationals to perform short-term work activities without the need for a standard work permit. In recent months, the South African government has been restricting access to permits to curb perceived misuse.