• New Document Requirements for EU Citizens Completing Local Registration
  • July 24, 2012
  • Law Firm: Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen Loewy LLP - New York Office
  • European Union citizens working or living in Spain are now required to submit employment, financial, Social Security and/or medical insurance documents when completing local registration. All EU citizens who remain in Spain for longer than three months must obtain an EU registration certificate by applying in person at the local police station or immigration office with jurisdiction over their place of residence in Spain.

    EU citizens continue to have the unrestricted right to work and reside in Spain. The new document requirements affect only the procedural formalities they must complete when relocating to Spain. Previously, EU citizens were only required to present a valid passport to register.

    Registration document requirements vary according to the foreign national’s status, as follows:

    • EU citizens working in Spain. EU citizen intracompany transferees must submit a communication of transfer and a certificate of Social Security coverage. Those hired locally by a Spanish entity must submit a copy of their labor contract and Social Security registration, or an employment letter on official letterhead that includes their employer’s name, address, Fiscal Information Number, and Social Security number. Self-employed EU citizens must submit their personal Social Security registration, a tax census registration, and a copy of their entry in the Spanish Mercantile Register. 
    • EU citizens who will not work in Spain. These individuals must submit documentation proving they possess full medical insurance coverage and the economic resources to support themselves and any accompanying family members. Authorities will consider each non-working EU citizen’s registration on an individualized basis, but registrants should be able to demonstrate they possess economical means that are higher than Spain’s public retirement pensions. EU citizen students must also submit proof of their educational course in Spain. 
    • EU family members of non-EU citizens. The new rules do not specify the document requirements for EU citizens who will accompany non-EU citizens as dependent family members. However, it is expected that they will be required to submit documents demonstrating their family ties to the principal.
      EU citizens should submit the newly required documents at the time of registration, though if they cannot do so, local authorities will give them a ten-day grace period to comply. EU citizens will receive their EU registration certificates immediately upon submission of all required documents.

    Spanish authorities are expected to provide more details on the document requirements in the near future. Fragomen is closely monitoring the implementation of the new requirements and will provide additional information as necessary.