• Human Capital: Recruiting and Retaining Talent
  • May 3, 2012 | Author: Earl Phillips
  • Law Firm: McCarthy Tétrault LLP - Vancouver Office
  • The world’s economic struggles continue and Canada’s economic recovery is affected. Even so, we at least are doing relatively well and one measure is renewed talk of the challenge of recruiting and retaining talent. While unemployment remains high, many skilled job openings are unfilled.  This is both a current drag on economic growth and a long-term concern that we may be creating a permanent class of the un- or under-employed.

    The recent Federal Budget addressed some human capital issues with some initiatives on Employment Insurance and Immigration. The Budget also addressed Old Age Security and the size of the federal public sector, both of which should improve the availability of skilled and educated employees for the private sector.

    These human capital initiatives are well summarized in a bulletin from the Business Council of British Columbia, which can be found at:  http://www.bcbc.com/Documents/HCLP/HCLP&under;V2N2&under;Complete.pdf