Government Law & Policy

Greenberg Traurig’s Government Law & Policy Practice combines the capabilities of its Federal Practice in Washington D.C. with the firm's state and local practices across the country. Greenberg Traurig's national network of government relations professionals covers more than 17 offices in major political and commercial capitals throughout the United States including: Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Sacramento, Tallahassee, and Washington, D.C.

The firm's bipartisan practice includes former elected officials, as well as former top aides and policy officials from the U.S. Congress, the Executive Branch, and various state governments. This integrated group of attorneys and professionals works together to provide clients with seamless representation in virtually any forum – before the U.S. Congress and Executive agencies, as well as state and local government entities.

Greenberg Traurig uses various approaches to help clients achieve their objectives. The team combines political experience with a substantive understanding of congressional and administrative policy resulting in a full range of options for clients through business, litigation, and governmental strategies. Greenberg Traurig attorneys help clients overcome legislative and regulatory challenges and provide practical, business-focused solutions that enhance their competitive position.

Strategies and Services

  • Ongoing monitoring of executive and legislative branches of federal, state, and local governments
  • Strategic planning, analysis and interpretation of legislation, amendments, administrative rules and testimony
  • Legislation and policy drafting, including committee report language and statements for testimony before Congress and state legislatures
  • Identifying and obtaining funding via appropriations and authorizations
  • Marketing to federal, state and local government agencies to find and secure procurement opportunities for clients’ products, services and technologies
  • Direct advocacy to legislative leadership and Executive Branch officials
  • Organization of grassroots and other advocacy efforts

Federal Representation

Greenberg Traurig’s Washington, D.C. office represents major corporations and governmental entities before the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch every day. These clients rely on the firm's attorneys’ and government law and policy professionals’ knowledge of the process, ability to provide access to policy makers and efforts to keep clients informed of all federal programs, funding opportunities, legislation, and regulations. The Greenberg Traurig legislative team possesses years of experience working with Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch, the public and private sectors and both political parties. Armed with this experience, Greenberg Traurig's legislative team effectively identifies the issues and opportunities that affect client decision making and provides timely, strategic plans to achieve clients' objectives.

The team's significant experience enables them to provide a full range of legislative and regulatory services. In addition to their strengths in advocacy and securing funding, they also assist in drafting, developing, and guiding Congressional testimony and legislation. Greenberg Traurig attorneys utilize their strong working relationships with administration officials, Members of Congress, and their staffs to provide clients with effective, strategic counsel to further their policy objectives. They have helped clients secure billions of dollars in funding for critical projects and programs. Their experience extends over a broad range of administrative, regulatory, and legislative issues including, but not limited to, grants and appropriations work, community and economic development, transportation, defense and homeland security, health and human services, housing, environmental and energy issues, business regulation, and infrastructure development.

Greenberg Traurig’s Federal Government Law & Policy Practice is different from many lobbying boutiques because Greenberg Traurig is not just a Washington, D.C. firm. Greenberg Traurig's nationwide network of offices, including offices in several state capitals, allows the firm to offer expansive governmental affairs services beyond what a typical Washington firm can provide. This team, working in concert with all of Greenberg Traurig's other locations, provides a tremendous range of opportunities and services for clients.

State & Local Representation

In addition to the Federal Government Law & Policy Practice, Greenberg Traurig supports clients with state and local practices comprised of well positioned offices in California, Colorado, Florida, New York, and Texas. These offices maintain relationships with key government officials at the state capital level and with elected officials and advisors. Additionally, the firm has attorneys with government law and policy capabilities in a number of its offices across the country. Each member of the team works cooperatively with the Federal Practice and other state and local team members to provide a broader range of services and resources for clients.

State Attorneys General (AG) Experience

Greenberg Traurig’s Government Law & Policy professionals have deep experience both working with and against various state attorneys generals in both single and multi-state actions and are skilled at managing interactions with the AGs’ respective offices. In addition to the relationships the attorneys in local capital offices hold, they have strong relationships with AGs and their staffs all over the country. The team’s deep understanding of the interworking’s of the AGs’ offices, built upon years of working closely with those offices as well as holding prior positions within them, allows the team to assist clients in navigating the regulatory environment in which the AGs operate. It also aids the team’s understanding of the political currents affecting the AGs and their staffs.

Greenberg Traurig's goal is to prevent clients from becoming a target of an AG investigation, however, despite its best efforts, clients sometimes become the subject of an investigation or legal action. This team has assisted clients in numerous actions brought by the AGs’ offices, including but not limited to, alleged bid rigging, fraud, improper product packaging and labeling, civil RICO, antitrust, wage and hour violations, unfair business practices, defamation, contract disputes, procurement issues, accounting and disclosure improprieties, securitization, usury claims, cease and desist orders, price fixing, and monopolization, among others.

The Government Law & Policy professionals also have worked with the AGs’ offices in a variety of ways. They have: represented the AGs office as special counsel; assisted in delegating regulatory hearings; lectured the AG’s office on trial tactics; and worked with AGs’ offices on other issues when clients’ interests were aligned with the AGs’ positions.

Office Experience


Greenberg Traurig’s Sacramento office opened in 2005 when Livingston & Mattesich Law Corporation, founded in 1982, joined the firm. Today, these attorneys and government law and policy professionals have statewide reputations for effectiveness and integrity. The Los Angeles Times described the group as “one of the more influential law and lobbyist firms” in Sacramento. The Sacramento Bee called the team “one of the Capital’s elite.”

The Sacramento Government Law & Policy Practice has decades of experience with the legislative process and the long-term relationships to help clients achieve their legislative goals. Members of the team have represented clients’ interests in the legislature on hundreds of public policy issues concerning the environment, technology, civil justice, general business practices, and industry-specific legislation. They have led industry coalitions not only in stopping harmful bills, regulations and enforcement actions, but also in obtaining tort reform through legislation and initiatives. The team also has wide-ranging experience in hearings and other administrative proceedings by which government agencies decide about permits, licenses, fees, trademarks, public contracts, state audits, and public records.

The history of cooperative relationships and aggressive action in all three branches of government gives Greenberg Traurig attorneys the capability to follow legislation through the implementing regulation and into court. They have resolved many legislative problems with litigation or regulatory influence, and many a regulatory problem or lawsuit with a change in statute.


Greenberg Traurig opened its Denver office in 2000, capitalizing on Colorado’s role as the commercial hub of the Rocky Mountain Region and one of America’s fastest-growing cities. Denver has the highest concentration of federal departments and agencies outside of Washington, D.C. It is easily accessible to other state capitals throughout the West, as well as dozens of leading Native American tribal governments.

Greenberg Traurig-Denver’s Government Law and Policy Practice is extraordinarily well-positioned to serve the entire range of clients’ needs in this unique environment. Team members include bi-partisan leaders who have served in senior federal, state tribal, and municipal governments across the region. They have extraordinary experience handling complex governmental criminal and civil investigations; advising public and private companies on regulatory and administrative compliance matters; serving as advocates as well as governmentally appointed special masters, arbitrators, facilitators and mediators on public statutory review processes, such as hospital and health care-related transactions, conversions and licensure procedures; obtaining permits and project approvals for energy, transportation and other major infrastructure projects; and developing and implementing comprehensive legislative and public policy strategies and solutions.


Greenberg Traurig’s Tallahassee office was the firm’s first venture outside of South Florida. In 1992, the firm of Roberts, Baggett, LaFace & Richard (RBL&R), then a 14-lawyer firm that had been a significant part of the political picture of Florida government and politics, joined Greenberg Traurig. This union not only provided Greenberg Traurig with the strong state governmental presence that RBL&R had built over 20 years, but experienced attorneys who had been instrumental in practically every major legislative battle in that timeframe. The fruit of these years has been strong relationships with not only governmental and elected officials, but deeply rooted relationships with the staff of these officials.

Greenberg Traurig’s Government Law & Policy Practice in Tallahassee is an experienced and seasoned player that clients turn to when they want longstanding experience and the political know-how to help them effectuate their needs. They have worked to develop and pass notable legislation and have annually navigated the appropriations process to obtain funding for clients. In addition to providing representation before the state legislature, they have also appeared before the governor, cabinet, and executive agencies of state government on behalf of a wide range of clients.

The team includes a former legislator, a former chief of staff to the Senate President, a former counsel to the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, former Deputy and Assistant Attorneys General, a former Special Counsel to Gov. Rick Scott, and a former Legislative Affairs Director and Deputy General Counsel for Governor Jeb Bush. No matter how big or small the issue, they bring the same dedication to every representation. They advocate for clients’ interests and help them to realize their objectives.


Over the past five decades, the Atlanta metropolitan area has grown dramatically, with its population jumping from one million to nearly six million people. The city has emerged as the business capital of the Southeast. Atlanta is home to some of the largest and most recognized companies in the world, and more than 75 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies maintain regional or other major offices and distribution facilities in the Atlanta area.

Greenberg Traurig’s Atlanta office opened in 1998. Continuing the firm's strategic initiative to expand the office, they recently added a highly-experienced, bipartisan, Government Law & Policy team. The team focuses their practice on Georgia state and local government affairs. They also work in conjunction with our federal Government Law & Policy team to assist clients with the Georgia delegation, as well as with all levels of federal government. Combined, the team has over 45 years of governmental affairs experience, and has developed the key, long-term relationships necessary to help clients strategically achieve their legislative goals.

Team members have held senior positions within state and local government, including serving as Senior Advisor to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, as Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Executive Counsel to Governor Nathan Deal, Chief of Staff to former Georgia Senate Majority leader, and current U.S. Representative Dr. Tom Price, as well as senior roles to other members of the U.S. Congress and in the Executive Branch. They have also assisted in local, state, and federal campaigns (including presidential).


Greenberg Traurig’s Chicago office opened in 1999. The office has expanded significantly, growing from three attorneys to over 150. The Chicago team advises clients from Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups in nearly every major practice area and industry. Offering local knowledge and experience, the Chicago office is supported by a network of contacts both in the United States and abroad available to help clients achieve their objectives locally, domestically, and in the global marketplace.

The firm’s Government Law & Policy Practice combines a strong understanding of the Executive Branch and General Assembly with the substantive experience of its other practice areas. They do more than simply provide coverage for committee hearings or schedule meetings for clients. By leveraging the experience of all of the firm’s professionals, they can assist during every stage of the legislative process. Greenberg Traurig can incorporate the skills and experience of attorneys with substantive know-how across all of its practice areas to assist in drafting legislation, testifying before committees, and analyzing legislation.


At over 110,000 square miles, Nevada is the 7th largest state in the Union, and with 42 million annual visitors to Las Vegas, and more than six million to Reno and Lake Tahoe, is the global capital of the gaming and tourism industries. However, Nevada remains a small, comfortable home to its statewide population of 2.7 million, ranking it just 35th most populous in the U.S. In line with the importance of Las Vegas to the world, the Nevada office is actively involved in guiding the redevelopment of downtown Las Vegas and surrounding commercial districts. They represent Nevada businesses before public bodies on issues including economic and urban development, tax, regulatory, land use and entitlements, licensing, and compliance matters, and have all of the appropriate contacts to assist clients with their legislative agenda.

Although located in Las Vegas, Greenberg Traurig’s Nevada Government Law & Policy Practice maintains solid, working relationships with Legislators, the executive branch, agency heads, and those staffs both locally, and in Carson City. Their relationships are based on mutual respect, developed through years of working together as Nevada has grown from its adolescence to a level of economic and governmental sophistication, which places it in direct competition with states traditionally known as commercial and political powerhouses. These invaluable relationships enable Greenberg Traurig professionals to efficiently and effectively represent clients’ diverse business interests. Many members of the team are lifelong Nevada residents, which allows them to provide clients the efficiency of rapidly identifying relevant business issues, together with an unparalleled historical perspective, affording the clients the widest array of options to make fully-informed business decisions. Combined with the firm’s nationally-recognized Government Law & Policy team, Greenberg Traurig provides clients with proficiencies and a depth of knowledge, experience, and resources rarely seen in Carson City.

In Nevada, legislation needs to move quickly if it is going to move at all. Nevada’s biennial legislative structure makes imperative a client chooses the right representation. Solid relationships are critical to advancing (or opposing) legislation and achieving success in the Nevada Legislature. Greenberg Traurig takes great care to develop and maintain a sense of familiarity and trust between the firm, its clients, and elected officials – from Leadership to the most junior legislators. These relationships provide clients unparalleled efficiency, access to the legislative process, and a “seat at the table” when critical issues are aired.

New York

Greenberg Traurig’s New York State Government Law & Policy Practice, based in New York City and Albany, is one of the leading government relations offices in both the City and the State. They have been consistently ranked among the Top 5 lobbying practices in New York City by the City Clerk’s Office and among the Top 5 law firm lobbying practices in New York State by the Commission on Public Integrity. The team represents nationally and internationally recognized companies and local firms before government agencies, the legislature, public authorities, public regulatory agencies, and utility companies in obtaining financial support or economic benefits or negotiating and litigating resolutions or disputes. They can help clients navigate the government investigation process in the face of significant public scrutiny, resolve clients’ regulatory issues, and advise clients on complying with lobbying laws and campaign finance issues. Additionally, Greenberg Traurig represents clients in procurement contracts before the city and state and its agencies and their authorities.

They provide governmental affairs assistance to companies in a wide range of areas, including construction, education, energy, environmental, government, health care, procurement, taxation, technology, and transportation. Whether defending against executive or legislative action or working to create and implement an initiative or opportunity, Greenberg Traurig lawyers and lobbyists craft strategies tailored to the specific needs of each individual clients.

The New York City and Albany teams are comprised of lawyers and government law and policy professionals who have credibility with government decision-makers because of their reputation for sound analysis and effective advocacy. Their experience has enabled the firm to create a strong “on the ground” presence for clients.


Greenberg Traurig expanded the firm’s Government Law & Policy Practice with the addition of the Austin, Texas, office in 2008. The Austin team is one of the most experienced government relations practices in Austin and the state of Texas, with more than 30 years of experience in Texas politics.

The group represents major corporations and other organizations on a broad range of issues. They help to shape legislation and represent clients before the legislature, the Governor’s office and state agencies. In addition, our team helps clients resolve regulatory issues and navigate the maze of state procurement and governmental compliance issues.

They provide clients with effective, strategic counsel to further their policy objectives. This counsel extends over a broad range of administrative, regulatory, and legislative issues, including grant and appropriations work, community and economic development, environmental regulation, managed care and health insurance, workers compensation, credit and specialty lines coverages, brokering and regulated transactions, insurance regulation, transportation, political subdivisions, telecommunications, financial industry, general healthcare, and taxation. They work closely with clients to define priorities, evaluate opportunities and create innovative strategies to help them achieve their objectives.

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At Greenberg Traurig, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The individual attorneys at Greenberg Traurig are committed to nurturing diversity throughout the firm and creating an environment where differences are embraced and utilized creatively.

For us, diversity is about taking action - opening doors for lawyers.

That commitment is reflected by the fact that overall, 40 percent of Greenberg Traurig's attorneys worldwide are women or minorities as defined by the American Bar Association. As of Dec. 31, 2014, our U.S. employees, including attorneys and staff, who met the definition of minority persons reflected a total of 29 percent of our employment base. Approximately 32 percent of our U.S. attorneys and 52 percent of our U.S. employees are women.

Greenberg Traurig's commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond any single committee. Committees cannot nurture; they cannot mentor; they cannot create an environment where differences are embraced and utilized creatively. Committees do not lead. Our diverse attorneys however, can and do.

* We welcome and reflect the communities we represent better than any other major law firm in our markets.

* We do not simply rely on a "committee" to achieve this.

* We do so through a commitment to providing a fair opportunity for each of us to reach our full potential.

* We have the personal dedication of many at Greenberg Traurig who identify and bring into our firm this very special diversity.

* The Minority Law Journal 2014 Diversity Scorecard has recognized us as follows:
o No. 1 Ranking, African American Partners
o No. 1 Ranking, Hispanic American Non-Partners
o No. 2 Ranking, Hispanic American Partners

* The National Law Journal has previously recognized our attorneys as among:
o No. 2 Ranking, Female Partner Numbers, Female Scorecard (2013)
o "The 50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America" (Three) (2008)
o "The 50 Most Influential Women Attorneys" (Two) (2007)
o "The 100 Most Influential Attorneys in America"
(Two diverse attorneys; three total) (2006)

Diversity in Action: Fostering Diversity in the Profession and Preserving the Pipeline

Greenberg Traurig's Diversity Leadership Community has initiatives that focus on fostering an environment within the firm that supports and encourages diversity and inclusion, and increasing diversity in the profession by increasing access to a legal education for minority students. Helping today's law students and lawyers become tomorrow's business and legal leaders means a larger, more diverse marketplace and a greater pool of talented professionals. And that means more business opportunities for everyone - our firm, our colleagues and, most importantly, our clients.
In this way, our approach to diversity and inclusion mandates a high-level of personal responsibility with regard to the recruitment and retention of diverse attorneys. Attorneys in recruiting, hiring and supervisory roles are continuously made aware of the progress of our efforts. Our personal approach to diversity and inclusion means that Greenberg Traurig lawyers are active at their alma maters and at law schools local to their offices, participating in such programs as career panels; "Meet the Employer" days; and mock interviews, among others.

It has been, and continues to be, our goal to create a well-balanced workforce that contains a significant presence of minorities and women.

Greenberg Traurig creates and supports partner programs with women, minority, gay/lesbian or disability-focused bar associations. We attend and sponsor events at these organizations regularly throughout the United States. The firm works closely with national and local minority bars to address the fostering of diversity and inclusion in the profession on many levels. We support the work of several organizations, including MCCA, NAPABA, NASABA, NBA, NLGBTBA, HRC, HNBA and others.

Additionally, we provide funding through the Holly Skolnick Greenberg Traurig Fellowship Foundation for lawyers and law students to work with public interest groups. Through the Foundation, Greenberg Traurig serves as the largest sponsor of Equal Justice Works Fellowships in the United States and has invested approximately $8 million to support, in whole or in part, almost 127 Equal Justice Works Fellows since 1999.

We invite clients to join us as we work towards:

* Cultivating strategic partnerships with clients and potential clients to leverage our diversity platform to create and deepen relationships and cultivate business opportunities.

* Encouraging our lawyers to facilitate opportunities for our diverse and women lawyers to develop relationships with clients before and after new matters are received.

* Broadening the pipeline of diverse attorneys by expanding relationships with minority bar associations and other legal diversity organizations through our combined support of these networks.

* Focusing on strengthening mentoring programs for female and diverse attorneys at every level.

* Instituting a program that provides a variety of mentoring, rainmaking and training opportunities that can be accessed by a wide range of diverse attorneys across a variety of underserved communities.

* Engaging our Affinity Groups and their allies as a forum for professional development and business development opportunities, as well as for recruiting and retention assistance and as a social exchange to promote inclusion.

Diversity in Action: Employee Resource Networks

Greenberg Traurig's Employee Resource Networks (Affinity Groups) have the goal of addressing the needs of our attorneys and professionals who are diverse. We support Affinity Groups for our attorneys who are African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, LGBT and women, and we continue to gauge opportunities to expand those groups as our needs and demographics dictate.

The firm's Affinity Groups are as follows:

* African American Affinity Group

* Asian Pacific American Affinity Group

* Hispanic American Affinity Group

* Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Affinity Group

* South Asian American Affinity Group

* Women's Initiative

Our goals include:

* Mentoring of junior attorneys within the specific group;

* Recruitment and retention of diverse attorneys;

* Active participation in organizations addressing specific groups; and

* Serving as a forum for group members to discuss and explore issues and opportunities that will add value to client relationships.

Women's Initiative

As an example of our approach, Greenberg Traurig's firm-wide Women's Initiative focuses on retaining and supporting women attorneys through professional development and work/life balance initiatives, as well as through business development training programs and networking opportunities.

We work with like-minded organizations to address these issues on a broader scale in a variety of industries and communities.

Our program targets:

* Attracting and retaining talented women attorneys.

* Supporting business development for women attorneys.

* Serving as industry leaders.

* Impacting the community through leadership and service.

* Maintaining a culture that benefits women attorneys.

Diversity in Action: Suppliers

Greenberg Traurig is committed to the development of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Small Business Enterprises (DBE & SBE) suppliers.

As such:

* All business concerns, large and small, majority- or minority-owned, are afforded an equal opportunity to compete.

* A national director of procurement within the firm supports this practice.

* We are committed to diversity with respect to our vendors and suppliers.

* We are amenable to using diverse vendors and suppliers recommended by clients.

Diversity from the Top Down

Cesar L. Alvarez, Co-Chair of Greenberg Traurig, leads our diversity efforts. This is a matter of personal responsibility for him, having entered the U.S. as an immigrant with humble beginnings.

He has previously been honored as follows:

* "Lifetime Achievement Award," Hispanic National Bar Foundation

* "100 Most Influential Lawyers in America," The National Law Journal

* "50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America," The National Law Journal

* "Top Most Powerful Hispanics," The Black Book of Poder

* "25 Best Latinos in Business," Hispanic Magazine, The Power Issue

* "President's Award of Merit for Diversity Efforts," The Florida Bar

* "Spirit of Excellence Award," ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession

* "Lifetime Achievement Award," Chambers USA Awards for Excellence

* "CEO of the Year" award, Multicultural Law Magazine

* "Attorney of the Year Award," Hispanic National Bar Association


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