• Causes of Michigan Bicycle Accidents  - Michigan Bike Lawyer
  • July 2, 2012 | Author: Daniel L. Buckfire
  • Law Firm: Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. - Southfield Office
  • Automobile drivers are not the only ones who have the responsibility of following the rules of the road. Bicyclists actually have all the same rights and responsibilities as the driver of any other vehicle. Bicyclists also can be ticketed for violating Michigan traffic laws. More than half of all urban car-bike accidents are due to one or more of the following actions:


    • Riding into a street at mid-block.
    • Cycling against the direction of traffic.
    • Running a stop sign or red light.
    • Cycling at night without required lighting.
    • Failure to yield when required.


    • Driving too fast for conditions.
    • Failure to yield to a cyclist when required.
    • Opening driver-side door into a cyclist’s path.
    • Unsafely passing a cyclist.
    • Right or left turn immediately in front of a cyclist.

    Not only do bicyclists have to follow the safe rules as automobiles, they also have specific turn signals they are required to communicate using their arm:

    • To signal left turn: extend left arm straight out to the left.
    • To signal right turn: Upturned left arm.
    • To signal stopping or slowing down: extend left arm straight down with your palm facing rearward.

    Following the rules of the road is vital to your own safety and the safety of everyone around you both those on and off the road weather they are on a bike or in a car. These rules and regulations should not be taken lightly and you can be ticked for breaking these laws.


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