• Florida Governor Rick Scott Orders Examination of Medicaid Insurer, Hospital Contracts
  • August 5, 2015
  • Law Firm: Colodny Fass P.A. - Sunrise Office
  • Florida Governor Rick Scott sent Florida Agency for Health Care Administration ("AHCA") Secretary Liz Dudek a letter today, August 3, 2015, in which he asked AHCA to take immediate action with hospitals and insurance companies that have failed to certify that their contractual agreements for Medicaid rates comply with state law.

    According to Governor Scott, the letter is a follow up to Secretary Dudek's July 17 letter to hospitals and insurance companies requesting them to certify by August 1, 2015 that their contractual arrangements are below 120 percent of the Medicaid fee schedule as required by Florida law.

    In the letter, Governor Scott directed Secretary Dudek to:
    • Dispatch the Office of Medicaid Program Integrity to audit all hospital and insurance company contracts that have not been certified accordingly
    • Inform non-responsive hospitals and insurance plans that they will be subject to an "immediate corrective action plan," which includes "serious warning" that the termination of a contract with an insurance plan could make a hospital ineligible for Low Income Pool funding or participation in Florida's Medicaid Managed Care program.
    • Make a presentation on August 12 publicizing every non-compliant hospital and insurance plan