• No Public Comments at Florida Automobile Insurance Strike Force Governance Rule Development Workshop Today
  • August 17, 2013
  • Law Firm: Colodny Fass Talenfeld Karlinsky Abate Webb P.A. - Fort Lauderdale Office
  • No public comments were offered at a Florida Division of Insurance Fraud ("Division") Workshop held today, August 15, 2013, on proposed Rules relating to the Florida Automobile Insurance Fraud Strike Force ("Strike Force").

    Enacted in 2012, Section 626.9895, F.S. authorized the Division to establish the Strike Force-a direct-support organization to support the prosecution, investigation and prevention of motor vehicle insurance fraud.  The law provides procedures by which the Strike Force is governed and any conditions with which the Strike Force must comply to use the Division's property.

    The following proposed Rules were considered at today's Workshop:

    • 69D-3.001:  Definitions
    • 69D-3.002:  Governance of Organization
    • 69D-3.003:  Use of Division Property or Facilities

    If ultimately finalized, Rule 69D-3.003 would allow the Strike Force to enter into a lease with the Division for the use of its facilities.   However, the Division does not anticipate that the Strike Force will need to lease these facilities.