• Communication with Insurance Companies
  • February 20, 2015
  • Law Firm: Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh Jardine P.C. - Englewood Office
  • It is very common for people to wait longer than they probably should to get a lawyer involved in their case. If you don’t have an attorney, one of the most important things you can do is get everything in writing. I know it’s a joke for lawyers to tell you to get things in writing all the time, but it really can make a big difference in your case. I have people come to me with their case after they have talked to the insurance company about coverage or treatment, and I have to reconstruct what was said and done from the date of injury forward.

    In cases where there have already been conversations between the insurance company and my client, I usually have to try and determine what was said during phone conversations with the adjuster or employer, which can be difficult and inconclusive. There are no witnesses to a phone conversation, so how do you determine what the insurance company has said? This means that if they promised you something or made a statement about your care that they don’t follow through on, it is your word against theirs. Sometimes there is a compelling argument that can still be made and judges will still find for you, but it is much more difficult to do without a written record of the conversation. This means it is very important to use email as much as possible when you are talking with insurance adjusters or anyone else about your case.

    Your emails can be used to ensure follow-through on promises your insurance company has made, but written communication can also increase the value of your case. Penalties can result from missed deadlines or gaps in communication with the insurance companies that caused you increased harm or pain and suffering. Once you have an attorney, they will be able to look through your conversation history to help make your case as strong as possible.