• How Much Should You Pay for a Patent Application? | Chile
  • March 17, 2015 | Author: Camila Cooper
  • Law Firm: B&R Latin America IP LLC - Bogotá Office
  • It is a well-known fact that patent applications can be one of the most expensive endeavors for owners of IP assets. However, it is also important to be aware of the very important differences in costs from one country to the next. With the recent modification of official fees by the Chilean Patent Authority we had the perfect excuse to once again address this issue for our readers and business partners.
    New Official Fees in Chile

    The National Institute for Industrial Property –INAPI- has published a new list of Official Fees for the examination of patent applications. This new schedule of fees will apply for all payments to be made since March 6th, 2015 and includes a slight increase in the already low fees charged by the Chilean government. The new fees are:

    • Examination of Patent Application: CLP$ 473.000 (Aprox. USD$ 744)
    • Examination of Utility Models: CLP$ 361.000 (Aprox. USD$ 568)
    • Examination of Industrial Designs: CLP$ 301.000 (Aprox. USD$ 473)
    This is the latest modification be made to these fees since October 2012, and it increased the cost in official fees in roughly 30 US dollars. This still makes Chile one of the cheapest countries in Latin America regarding the cost in Official Fees for obtaining a patent.
    The official fees to be paid during a Chilean Patent Application are:

    1. Aprox. USD$150 for the filing and publication of the patent application.

    2. Aprox. USD$ 744 for the examination of the patent.

    3. After the patent is granted, a payment of Aprox. USD$ 275 must be made to ensure the first 10 years of patent protection.

    4. The final 10 years of protection will amount to Aprox. USD$ 380.
    With a total cost in official fees of roughly USD$ 1,500 it does seem to be that the more efficient the local patent authority, the lower its official fees will be.