• Most Privacy Policies Fall Short
  • December 23, 2011 | Author: Kathryn L. Ossian
  • Law Firm: Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, P.L.C. - Detroit Office
  • Does your website's privacy policy convey your actual policies in a manner that web users can easily follow and understand?  If so, you are ahead of the prevailing trend among the top 100 websites, as recently analyzed by privacy advocacy group, TRUSTe.

    While 97% of all sites now have posted privacy policies, the average policy is just under 2500 words and written at a second-year college reading level.  TRUSTe concludes that most policies are complex, lengthy and confusing to the average consumer.  Other findings of the survey include that 72% of the analyzed sites allow third party tracking on their sites and that 93% of sites don't indicate how long consumer information is kept on file.

    Ideally, a site's privacy policy should convey relevant information to users in a straightforward manner, using ordinary language.