• What do Millennial Workers Want?
  • June 5, 2013
  • Law Firm: Breazeale Sachse Wilson L.L.P. - Baton Rouge Office
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers has released "NextGen: A global generational study." The report revealed that the Millennial generation, those born between 1980 and 1995, want enhanced workplace flexibility and balance between work and home as the keys to improving their job satisfaction. Although workplace flexibility has its advantages, it also presents major issues for employers under existing labor and employment laws, especially wage and hour laws.

    According to the report, while younger workers are more tech-savvy, globally focused, informal, and willing to share information, they do not feel more entitled or less committed than their non-Millennial counterparts, and are willing to work just as hard.

    The study, which was conducted in conjunction with the University of Southern California and the London Business School, represents the most ambitious research into the millennial generation, or 'Generation Y'. The report included responses from 44,000 employees throughout PwC's global network of professional service firms, with almost one quarter of the responses coming from Millennials. The research, compilation and analysis of its findings took place over two years.