• Taskforce to Investigate Implementation of Recent Immigration Reforms, Suggest Improvements
  • September 15, 2014
  • Law Firm: Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen Loewy LLP - New York Office
  • South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will create a special taskforce to review the implementation of the May 2014 immigration reforms that have caused significant delays and processing difficulties for employers. It is anticipated that the taskforce will suggest improvements to the reforms to address industry concerns.

    The new regulations included the following changes: new labor market testing requirements and new restrictions for General Work Permits, corporate permits and permits for accompanying unmarried partners; extensions of the validity of intracompany transfer work visas to four years; new restrictions on in-country changes of status; the elimination of two work permit categories; and the introduction of new application forms and new penalties for non-compliance.

    Fragomen’s Government Strategies and Corporate Compliance Team in Johannesburg intends to assist the new taskforce by recommending amendments and improvements to the immigration system in South Africa.

    What This Means for Employers

    Though it is too soon to predict the taskforce’s analysis and recommendations for the immigration reforms, the taskforce’s creation is a positive sign for employers who continue to grapple with the negative effects of the May reforms and their implementation.

    Employers should continue to expect delayed and unpredictable case processing in South Africa for the next several months, as consular and DHA officials continue adjusting to the reformed immigration system.