• Second ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Protests and Strikes to Take Place on May 1
  • May 17, 2017 | Authors: Howard M. Bloom; Ethan J. Davis; Patrick L. Egan; Matthew D. Freeman; Philip B. Rosen; Jonathan J. Spitz
  • Law Firms: Jackson Lewis P.C. - Boston Office; Jackson Lewis P.C. - New York Office; Jackson Lewis P.C. - Atlanta Office
  • Building off of what organizers see a successful February 16 ‘Day Without Immigrants,’ a second series of protests and strikes has been scheduled for May 1.

    For more information on similar recent activities and strategies on how to respond lawfully to the protest and strike, see our articles, ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ National Strike Planned - What Can Employers Do? and ‘A Day Without a Woman’ Demonstrations Planned for March 8.

    According to the website Portside.org, “By striking, we make it clear that this country cannot function without immigrants. We build confidence that through non-cooperation, we can force this country to recognize us and realize that it depends on us. It is not until the United States accepts that it cannot sustain itself without immigrant labor that we will be able to win permanent protection, dignity, and respect.”