• Celebrating the Role of Law in Improved Working Conditions on Law Day
  • May 18, 2017
  • Law Firm: Waters Kraus LLP - Dallas Office
  • Law Day gives the attorneys at Waters Kraus & Paul the chance to appreciate why each lawyer practices and what they are fighting for. One driving factor of this firm is the improvement of conditions for workers. A person should be able to make a living without being exposed to toxic substances such as asbestos, benzene, pesticides or chemicals which harm the health of the worker or their family. Unfortunately, companies sometimes overlook the safety of their employees to save money and increase profits. When that happens, the law allows those individuals to speak up and fight for their rights to a safe workplace. It is a privilege to use the law to both assist each person who is harmed and insist that companies improve working conditions in the future.

    In the case of asbestos, for example, law saved the lives of millions. At one time, companies used and removed it liberally without precaution. Once it was proven that exposure to the substance caused the deadly disease mesothelioma, laws began to limit usage. However, some companies knew how harmful asbestos could be before these safety standards were imposed, and chose to ignore the research or refused to protect workers. Others companies didn’t take the regulations seriously, opting to continue careless usage or ignore removal safety measures due to cost. Lawsuits changed that. Court cases made companies realize the financial toll such illegal operation could cost if these companies chose to ignore the simple precautions of asbestos-free materials or protective gear. And, while money isn’t a substitute for a life, families could at least ease the financial damage of high healthcare costs and other difficulties caused by asbestos exposure. Additionally, these cases have resulted in heightened awareness and the prevention of thousands of future exposures. Waters Kraus & Paul has been fighting corporations on behalf of families affected by Mesothelioma for over twenty years. Unfortunately the fight is not over. The long latency periods of asbestos-related diseases mean some only discover a diagnosis decades after exposure. More recently, renovations and repairs done without the utmost caution are causing fresh exposures. Diligent upholding of the law by governmental agencies and the diligence of Waters Kraus & Paul in pursuing cases of negligence and hazardous products and work environments is forcing companies to take asbestos safety seriously.

    Other toxic exposures in the workplace need great improvement. Research indicates that benzene causes AML and other cancers and many chemicals used in pesticides or silicon chip manufacturing cause birth defects. Yet, these toxins are still being made and used commercially. Once again, continued usage without proper safety measures wreaks havoc on families unknowingly exposed at work. Water Kraus & Paul is fighting to help these families, in hopes the toxins will be banned, usage will cease, proper protection will be used and workplaces will be safe going forward. United States law, used correctly, enables the fight for improved working conditions. Hear, hear for the law!