• Medtronic Diabetes Insulin Infusion Pump Recall
  • November 29, 2017
  • Medtronic announced a voluntary recall of its diabetes insulin infusion pump last September after patient field reports alerted the manufacturer of a problem. Medtronic determined that a discontinued component within the device was causing the pumps to oversupply insulin.

    An overabundance of insulin can result in hypoglycemia and can prove fatal. Medtronic issued a voluntary recall and sent letters to known patients with instructions for replacing affected insulin pumps. The company also set up several ways for concerned parties to contact them and learn about recalled units.

    Device Flaw
    The flawed Medtronic insulin infusion pump contains a faulty membrane, which allows an excess of insulin to flow into a patient. Priming the pump prior to use allows the removal of air bubbles. The vent membrane may become blocked by the priming fluid causing the removal to fail. This allows the pump to incorrectly deliver a higher dosage of insulin.

    Too much insulin delivered to a diabetic patient can lead to a reduced blood sugar condition called hypoglycemia. Affected patients can suffer from confusion, dizziness, intense hunger, headaches, irritability, a racing heart-rate, profuse sweating, weakness, anxiety, and trembles.

    Actions to Take
    Eating a hard candy can help by quickly raising the patient’s blood sugar to a proper rate. However, if a patient fails to notice the problem and their blood sugar rates drop too low, their coordination and concentration may suffer and they may experience numbness in their mouth and tongue. They may also pass out, experience extreme nightmares, or even slip into a coma.

    Medtronic customers can visit this website to learn if their unit is defective: https://checklots.medtronicdiabetes.com

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