• The New IPhone Contributes To Safer Driving Environments
  • December 28, 2017
  • The number of vehicle accidents due to distracted driving has been quite concerning, and it has lead various government and social organizations to implement regulations and programs to try to decrease this number. Now, even technology companies are starting to contribute to safe driving efforts.

    In particular, the new iPhone boasts an update that will hopefully help decrease distracted driving. Such actions could help to reduce motor vehicle accidents and create safer driving environments in general.

    Do not disturb feature

    The new feature will be on the iOS11 operating system and is called "Do Not Disturb While Driving." When the application recognizes that the car is in motion, the phone screen will become dark and will not show notifications. If the individual tries to check the phone while driving, the phone will indicate that notifications are not displaying during the drive. Also, individuals who text the driver while the app is in use will receive a text message stating the recipient is driving. The iPhone user may choose to allow certain contacts' messages to push through in the event of an emergency. The application can detect car movement by the driver plugging the phone in or utilizing the car's Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


    Limiting driving distractions can significantly help increase safe driving practices. Even those individuals who pride themselves on their multitasking abilities can have moments where they do not focus on the road as they should, and it only takes that split second for disaster to strike. Though other applications are available and have been for a while, this application comes already loaded on the phone and claims to not demand much energy, which can help to save phone battery.

    As you can see, this application is set to be helpful in several different ways. Not only is it a built-in app, it uses advanced technology to support the phone user and promote safe driving practices. This may benefit drivers young and old alike.