• The Risk of a Motorcycle Crash During Labor Day
  • August 17, 2018
  • Labor Day weekend brings people together across the country, from family parties to events and other types of gatherings. Unfortunately, it can also bring an increased risk of traffic collisions, and this is especially concerning for motorcyclists. Many people enjoy riding their motorcycle during Labor Day and since this holiday marks the unofficial end of summer, motorcyclists in many areas want to spend some time on their motorcycle before the cooler fall weather sets in. Sadly, accidents occur too often on this holiday, completely putting an end to celebrations.

    This risk of a motorcycle crash is especially concerning during Labor Day weekend for multiple reasons. First, the likelihood of an accident involving a drunk driver is especially high, since many people imbibe as part of their holiday celebrations. Aside from this risk, there may be fatigued drivers who have spent too much time on the road driving to or from a family’s house in another state. Furthermore, many areas see an increase in the amount of traffic on the road, which can lead to a motorcycle crash as well.

    If you plan on riding your motorcycle during Labor Day weekend, it is vital to focus on safety and preventing an accident. Regrettably, you may still find yourself in a crash due to a driver’s poor decisions and disregard for traffic safety. Our law office strongly feels that those who cause motorcycle accidents which result in death or serious injuries due to their reckless behavior must not be allowed to get off the hook.