• Poor visibility and motorcycle collisions
  • September 4, 2018
  • Motorcyclists face many risks every time they take to the road, but poor visibility is especially concerning. Whether the driver of another vehicle has difficulty seeing a motorcyclist or a motorcyclist is unable to see the road well, riding a motorcycle in these conditions can be dangerous in Pittsburgh and across Pennsylvania. At our law firm, we know how devastating motorcycle collisions can be for motorcyclists and those they love, which is why we believe it is so important to focus on prevention. Sadly, it is already too late for some victims and those who have found themselves in this position because of a negligent driver should know their rights.

    When visibility is very poor, a driver may not be able to see very far and this can be especially problematic with respect to motorcycles, which can be even more difficult to see due to their smaller size. Sadly, a driver may collide with a motorcyclist while attempting to pass another vehicle, switch lanes, make a turn or collide with them from behind. During periods of heavy fog, motorcyclists may also struggle to see what lies ahead, which can be incredibly dangerous as well.

    Sometimes, it is smart to stay off of the road altogether until conditions improve. Weather conditions can change rapidly and have a significant impact on motorcyclists, especially in comparison to larger vehicles which drivers ride inside of. If a driver has caused you to sustain a devastating injury or claimed your loved one's life in a motorcycle wreck, you should look into your potential legal options.