• When Someone Unintentionally Drives Drunk
  • September 6, 2018
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  • Sometimes, people who get behind the wheel while inebriated do so knowingly, showing no regard for the safety of everyone on the road. That said, there are also times when drivers may unknowingly drive drunk. For example, someone may have thought that they were under the legal limit or they may not have realized that they drank alcohol in a mixed drink at a celebration. Regardless, those who are over the legal limit should be held responsible for their actions, especially if they cause an accident in Pittsburgh or anywhere else in the state of Pennsylvania.

    During Labor Day weekend, some people may drive drunk after having a few drinks at a family party. On a daily basis, people get behind the wheel without showing any concern that their driving abilities may be impaired due to drinking, even though there have been many awareness campaigns focusing on this subject. Sometimes, people may also claim that they did not know they were over the legal limit even though they clearly knew that they should not have been on the road.

    Sadly, victims of drunk driving accidents may face many hardships after the wreck. Not only are serious injuries a common consequence, but some people lose their lives. Moreover, victims' lives are thrown upside down for a host of other reasons, whether they struggle with medical bills, suffer a decreased quality of life, are unable to return to work due to immobility or have a very hard time because of mental trauma and flashbacks.