• Study Shows Pennsylvania Drivers are Third Worst in Country
  • September 17, 2018
  • Do you consider yourself a pretty good driver? A recent study from EverQuote, Inc., which is a company that links drivers with insurance agencies around the United States, revealed that Pennsylvania motorists have some of the worst driving habits in the country.

    The company logged nearly 800 million miles in 2017 to determine common driving habits. It ultimately revealed data related to speeding, smartphone usage and hard turning. Pennsylvania drivers need to take note because engaging in any of those behaviors greatly increases the odds of sustaining injuries from driving.

    States with the worst driving habits

    Pennsylvania ranked 48th with a driving score of 74.7 out of 100. The only states that ranked lower than Pennsylvania were Rhode Island and Connecticut. Out of all drivers observed in Pennsylvania, the data revealed that approximately 37 percent of all trips involved the driver using a cell phone at some point. Additionally, 49 percent of the state's trips involved speeding.

    States with the best driving habits

    The top five safest states the company observed were Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. In particular, Montana had the lowest instance of speeding amongst drivers in the country with only 19 percent of rides going over the speed limit.

    Other important stats

    The company also discovered that the average American spends about three minutes looking at a smartphone screen on an average trip lasting about 29 minutes. Imagine taking your eyes off the road for three continuous minutes. Even taking your eyes off the road for five seconds over the course of a trip is still enough time to end up colliding with another vehicle.

    Drivers who were 17 years old or younger were actually the safest drivers among all demographics. They tend to speed less often than people who have driven for years now. Men and women seem to score similarly across all categories in terms of safety. Finally, drivers in the Midwest are safest in the country.