• When You are Struck by an Intoxicated Motorcyclist
  • September 17, 2018
  • Whether you drive a small car, a truck, ride a motorcycle or bicycle or regularly go for a walk, the road can be dangerous. Not only do you have to watch out for large vehicles, but other types of vehicles such as motorcycles can be dangerous as well. Even if you are driving a very large vehicle, such as a semi truck, you could be seriously hurt and adversely impacted in other ways in the event that you collide with a motorcycle. Motorcycle wrecks happen for many reasons, but some are the result of a motorcyclist’s negligence, such as someone who is on the road while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    There are many reasons why people ride motorcycles while intoxicated, as with all other vehicles. For example, they may be returning home from a party, celebrating a holiday or simply forget that they drank alcohol and are over the legal limit. Regardless, an accident can be incredibly dangerous not only for the motorcyclist but those they collide with as well. For example, a motorcyclist may slam into a vehicle at high speeds, causing the driver to become injured. Or, a motorcyclist may collide with another motorcyclist, causing him or her to be thrown from their motorcycle, or ride off the road and hit a pedestrian.

    If you have been hit by an intoxicated motorcyclist who was drunk or under the influence of drugs, you deserve justice. You should not think twice about standing up for your rights and you may need to pursue legal action against the motorcyclist who has shattered your life.