• How Many Job-Related Traffic Crashes Involve Alcohol?
  • January 4, 2019
  • People are involved in various types of accidents while working, such as those which involve the use of dangerous equipment. However, motor vehicle collisions are especially concerning, and these accidents happen for all sorts of reasons, from inexperience to working too many hours and falling asleep on the road. Moreover, some job-related traffic collisions are caused by alcohol consumption, and it is important for employees, employers and everyone on the road to be aware of how prevalent this is.

    According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 0.15 percent of transportation workers who were involved in accidents during 2008 were found to have had alcohol in their system at the time of the accident. However, this figure represents a decrease in the number of transportation accidents which involve a worker who was under the influence of alcohol in comparison to 2008, when 0.25 percent of transportation workers were found to have alcohol in their system after a wreck. The BTS states that alcohol testing devices from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are used to test millions of transportation workers across the country.

    Workers may operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol for various reasons. Some may have an addiction to alcohol, while others may have a couple of drinks at lunch without realizing that they have consumed enough alcohol to place them over the legal limit. This behavior can lead to serious consequences which permanently alter the course of someone’s life and it is essential for workers in all fields to avoid alcohol while on the job.