• Naturalization Applications on the Rise
  • January 4, 2018

  • The increase in the number of legal permanent residents applying for U.S. citizenship is at its highest level in many years. Some analysts believe that the increase is related to the Trump administration's strong anti-immigrant policy and fears of adverse immigration consequences for lawful permanent residents.

    Many still fear drastic changes in immigration laws under the Trump presidency. Those naturalization applicants that have criminal backgrounds should be careful when filing for citizenship to make certain their crimes don’t have removal/deportation consequences. Currently, most citizenship applications take approximately 7 months until completion which time frame will hopefully continue. It is essential that an attorney is consulted when dealing with a situations such as criminal history , delinquent taxes, excessive travel etc. in order to increase the chances of success and prevent the initiation of removal proceedings. Further, it is recommended that an attorney be consulted when contemplating any type of immigration application to obtain the best results.