• Construction Workers and Elevator Accidents
  • November 24, 2017
  • While on construction sites, workers are particularly at risk of accidents related to the maintenance and repair of elevators. Elevator accidents result in an average of about 30 fatalities and 17,000 injuries each year, with construction workers at an even greater risk due to defective equipment, employer negligence, or unestablished safety guidelines.

    Falls into an unmarked elevator shaft are common among construction workers, accounting for over half of the elevator accidents each year. Other types of elevator accidents that occur at construction sites include:

    Uncontrolled falls of elevator cars while the worker is inside
    Workers caught in the elevator doors or from other moving parts of the elevator
    Electrical shocks or burns
    Scaffolding falls
    Struck-by incidents
    Elevator Accident Injuries
    Elevator installation and repair are among the most dangerous jobs in the construction industry. This is within a field that already has the highest number of fatal injuries, according to a report from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Often, injuries in the construction field can be catastrophic, leaving workers permanently disabled. These injuries include:

    Crush injuries from falling elevator cars
    Nerve damage due to working in restricted spaces
    Traumatic brain injury from struck-by objects or falls from high elevations
    Broken bones
    Wrongful death
    City centers are prone to have a higher volume of elevator construction. In New York City, a man suffered fatal crush injuries when an elevator moved down three floors while under repair. In Atlantic City, two brothers were fatally injured from being hit by a moving elevator while under repair. These injuries can be prevented with proper practice and training of safety protocols. OSHA has certain guidelines that protect construction workers, and employers should be following these guidelines daily. Workers and employers should be thoroughly trained on the safety and dangers presented at construction sites and how to prevent and avoid accidents. Managers should also supervise the construction areas for work safety and any present dangers.

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